Jasmine Cain | Nightingale

This is the video for Jasmine Cain Nightingale.

Jasmine Cain | Nightingale

There’s no such thing as happy endings
What’s the reason in pretending
I used to be enchanted by a beautiful delusion
Now I can see
Blinded by the pixie dust avoiding what etherial

I can never believe in fairy tales and wishing wells
I hear only the sound of betrayal
sang the Nightingale

Poisoned by a magic potion
Empty vile of devotion
Wrapped up in vines
Underneath a veil of my own visions
All of the rhymes
Can’t be about unlocking hearts when no one holds the key


A lonesome cry
A long goodbye
A fading light
A shadow of a silhouette
and morning hasn’t happened yet.